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Floris van Bommel

Each season we add the finest Floris van Bommel shoes and accessories to our collection. Floris van Bommel, created as a seperate label of the classic shoe brand Van Bommel, has been known since 1996 for its fashionable men's shoes of excellent quality.

The origin of Floris van Bommel has a great history. The brand Van Bommel wanted to release some fashionable models, but this was not easy. Van Bommel was, after all, known for its classic men's shoes. In 1996 they came up with the idea to present fashionable shoes as a separate collection. This resulted in a new brand and a new logo, with a reference to the brand Van Bommel. Mr. Van Bommel has chosen the name of his son. The new shoe line Floris van Bommel was now a fact. Each year, the Floris van Bommel shoe collection kept increasing and in the summer of 2005 it was expanded with a sneaker line.

Today, the Floris van Bommel men's shoes are still very popular. Dressed men's shoes have a contemporary feel and Floris van Bommel sneakers have a fashionable touch. It is a well thought out design, everything has to be right. The brand is an expert in creating a surprising collection in which different materials and colours are used again and again. Floris van Bommel shoes are often characterized by specific small details, such as the use of colourful accents or a special print on the outsole. Most of the Floris van Bommel shoes have a matching Floris van Bommel belt.

We also have a beautiful Floris van Bommel women's collection. Our Floris van Bommel women's collection consists of the most stunning and trendy Floris van Bommel sneakers, heels, lace up shoes and loafers. Discover this amazing Dutch brand!

You can view our entire Floris van Bommel collection in our online shop. You can also find our Floris van Bommel collection, both shoes and belts, displayed in our shops Wycker Brugstraat 1 and Havenstraat 36 in Maastricht.
Women can find Floris van Bommel shoes to their liking in our shops at the Wycker Brugstraat 1 and Wolfstraat 26.