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If we had to pick one word to describe the brand Harris, we would firmly yell 'unique'!
However, the brand is so much more than simply unique. Although Harris doesn't sound Italian, it is one of Italy's premium brands. 

In 1913 the shoe brand was founded to create sturdy military shoes. Although the brand does not focus on the military shoes any more, the production proces has never changed.

Nowadays Harris still creates sturdy yet stylish shoes and puts its main focus on stunning details.

Harris aims for the best quality. The brand's owner, Bruno Famiglietti, personally makes sure only the best materials are used. There is a great variety in materials: from the finest leather tot the most exotic materials like croco leather, eel leather, stingray leather etc. The shoes and belts are all painted by hand, which is an art. Harris is not afraid of using bold colours.

Harris represents quality, sustainability and class and should therefore not escape your attention.
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